The Little Rock City Board is discussing the closing of all 5 am clubs within the city of Little Rock that currently have a 5:00 am permit at 2:00 am. This will not only deny those seeking late night food and entertainment the ability to enjoy themselves but it will also cost jobs and decrease the tax revenue to the city of Little Rock and the state of Arkansas.

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9 Responses to Save the Little Rock 5 am Clubs

  1. Drew Pritt says:

    The Little Rock City Board of Directors should be focused on jobs and maintaining income that remains in Little Rock. An imposed attempt at morality is not what will improve this city. What attracts businesses and Fortune 500 jobs are companies that focus on providing those things that their “workers” or “employees” will find attractive living in the city. Also if you close down the 5 a.m. clubs, you will be closing down on income provided for hundreds of jobs as well as denying the income for the business owners themselves. This is a bad idea and should be deleted from consideration all together.

  2. Admin says:
  3. Joseph says:

    The city of little rock has few to offer and over been here for a year. If it wasn’t for these late night clubs weekends would be even worse. Your taking away enjoyment from masses and leaving open hours for crime.

  4. Eartha Q. says:

    The city really needs to rethink this action that they are trying to take. This will impact many many families. At most of the 5 am establishments they have off duty police officers providing security. This job helps the police officers supplement their income and allow their households not to be at a deficit. If the city would do a case study they would see how much revenue they would lose out on if this ordinance passes. We need to try and increase our nightlife here in the city so that we can attract more conventions and possibly a NCAA tournament.

  5. Carrie says:

    Don’t forget about the people who work night shifts & want an after work beer or meal!

  6. Sanjay Johnson says:

    It’s not a wise decision for the city of Little Rock to change the nightlife times. Closing down early could be a result to trouble with the younger and even the older citizens. Keeping active with something to do or somewhere to go constructive is the way to be,

  7. Admin says:

    Be sure and take a look at our updated press release with the results from our impact study. Over 150 people could lose their jobs and the state would be out an enormous amount of revenue!

  8. Sam says:

    I talk to a fair number of visitors from out of town, and they are really impressed by everything that’s going on downtown. It’s really taking off and people are noticing. Did you see that Forbes listed Little Rock as on of 5 secret foodie cities in America? We are going the right direction! But people who come from California and bigger cities expect to be able to go out LATE. If we are going to continue to make progress, we cannot go backwards!! Duh.

    And I haven’t heard a good reason for closing these places down. Are there more people driving around drunk at 4 am than at 2:00 when the other bars close? Show us the numbers! Cause I bet the bulk of the bad stuff happens at 2:00 or before. People who work late and then, too, people who just stay up late all the time, like to have somewhere to go and *spend their money*. They shouldn’t be able to upset the apple cart–people’s businesses–unless there are some really good reasons. And we have to DEMAND that they give them to us! We can’t just let them get away with some weak “even playing field” nonsense.

  9. Transplanted Yankee says:

    I have lived in many cities across our great nation and must say that I am surprised that this issue has surfaced here. If Little Rock wants to compete in the “Likable City” arena, there must be recreation FOR ALL CITIZENS. This does not happen elsewhere folks, especially when you have a large demographic of individuals who appreciate the arts and want to see national acts frequently within the city. I personally have found Little Rock to be lack luster in its support of the artistic community, yet it just so happens that the 5 am venues provide the entertainment that soothes the desire. Let’s remember the revenue generated in jobs, taxes and the like that is manifested by the operation of these establishments. There is NOT a crime factor, there is NOT a neglected family factor, yet it is mind boggling that this issue has even surfaced. Get a Grip Little Rock! If you want to play in the sandbox with the larger cities, attract businesses and college attendees to your town, YOU MUST HAVE ARTISTIC OUTLETS FOR THEM TO FREQUENT. If Suzie or Sammie student is looking at attending one of our fine collegiate establishments, their recreational concerns must be considered. Somehow creating a situation where 150 tax payers become unemployed, rejection of business revenue and leaving thousands of club goers to look for something else to do really doesn’t make Little Rock more desirable. Don’t be like the other small cities whose 25-40 population migrates away or never considers coming here. I have seen the alternative and from a fiscal standpoint it is very bleak for those cities. WAKE UP!!!

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